Face recognition temperature measurement gate Solution

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Update time : 2022-11-11 10:00:16

With the continuous maturing of face recognition system , Cardlan independently developed and produced the face recognition temperature gates which have brought many benefits to the smart community. At the same time, the application of face recognition temperature barriers has become more and more widely used in smart campuses, buildings, communities, hospitals, stations, hotels, government agencies, immigration, shopping malls, office buildings, parks, enterprises, construction site management, etc.
What are the solutions for face recognition temperature measurement gates?


Solution 1: Face recognition + body temperature detection, suitable for scenarios where people are not fixed in airports, high-speed rail stations, train stations, bus stations, etc.

Solution 2: Face recognition / card verification + body temperature detection, suitable for the scene where the personnel of enterprises, schools, factories, etc. are relatively fixed.
Option 3: On the basis of the existing gate, add a temperature detection component, applicable to all scenarios.
With the development of society, people are aware of the shortcomings of traditional entrance and exit management methods, and began to gradually eliminate them, using the latest face recognition temperature measurement gate for entrance and exit management.

The security within the area is generally composed of three major systems: the entrance control system, the video monitoring system, and the perimeter alarm system. The entrance control system is the basis of security. With the face recognition temperature measurement gate system, you can Identify dangerous people at the entrance, intercept the danger outside the gate, and ensure the safety of the community. The following are its advantages:

Replace the temperature measure staff, non-contact temperature measurement; unattended temperature measurement, avoid cross infection, protect yourself and front line temperature measurer, use human temperature gate to replace temperature measurer, reduce the chance of close contact between personnel, avoid corss infection between the temperature measurer and personnel;
Fast temperature measurement screening, high temperature alarm and effective blocking; use thermal imaging body temperature screening to detect the surface temperature of the human body through a thermal imager (non-contact method), quickly screen abnormal temperature targets and alarm, high screening accuracy ,efficient. For persons with abnormal body temperature, the gate will block their entry;

Fully automatic collection of temperature measurement information is safer and more hygienic than handwritten records, and is beneficial to statistical analysis, tracking and control of body temperature data. Real-time upload of temperature measurement data, data management, collected body temperature information can be reported and managed in real time.


Real-name recording and tracking, rapid docking deployment, can quickly lock the identity of persons with abnormal body temperature. Good pre-warning, mid-event handling, and retrospective tracking work can be carried out in the future to prevent and control the disease. After the epidemic is over, it can still be used to screen the temperature of the passers-by in case of unexpected needs.

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