Enhance the New Function Innovation of Bus Charge Machine in 2019

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Update time : 2019-11-07 15:05:00

As a development engineer of bus toll card switching system, we should also find a quiet place to brew a pot of tea, review 2018, look forward to 2019, full of confidence, facing the opportunities and challenges of the new year, strive to build a new type of bus toll card switching system in 2019, upgrade its original functions in an all-round way, in line with the era of big data, bus card switching machine with new functions and bright spots.


2018 The bus scanning code machine developed by our team has reached a very mature stage. It fully supports WeChat, Alipay, Cloud Flash Pay, APP and other scanning code payment methods. The design is also very unique and beautiful. In particular, Cardlan Technology bus operation is supported by a one-stop user data management cloud platform. The one-stop user data management cloud platform is a smart city card application management solution launched by Cardlan Technology: based on big data technology and cloud computing. To create a city electronic fast payment terminal and cloud service platform for urban bus operators and other card applications, mainly providing a comprehensive management platform for centralized management and service of the government and enterprise market, with low-cost investment and high-efficiency operation mode. Improve the management efficiency of enterprises in an all-round way, and realize the security, intelligence and informationization of enterprise management. 


In the new year, Cardlan Technology will be guided by the company's senior management to do their own thing and win the trust of customers. In the future, we must do the following:

First, strategic focus. Cardlan Technology will focus on urban smart bus intelligent terminals to create value for customers. In the face of uncertainty, Cardlan Technology continues to invest strategically, not to consume strategic competitiveness at non-strategic opportunities, and to form a strategic lead in the dominant area.

Second, continuous innovation. Cardlan Technology will continue to drive development with customer demand and technological innovation two-wheel drive, continue to increase R&D investment, multi-path, multi-step, multi-scenario, and especially strengthen basic research and cutting-edge technology investment.

Third, compliance operations. Cardlan Technology will strictly comply with all applicable domestic and international laws and regulations.

Fourth, open cooperation. Adhere to the cooperation with the entire industry chain ecological partners for win-win and benefit sharing.

Fifth, practise internal skills well. Efforts should be made to improve the quality of operation, activate the organization and make it full of vitality. Organizations and employees should work hard and focus on their work. Steady management should fully mobilize the enthusiasm of front-line employees and make them get reasonable returns in the direction of "simplifying the process and streamlining the organization".

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