Commuter bus card reader requirements

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As a smart terminal manufacturer of urban smart bus credit card, there are many product requirements submitted by customers every day. It has become accustomed to the customer's personalized customization requirements, but occasionally it will receive more special development needs. Let's share a car commuter car card. system requirement.

Commuter bus card reader requirements

1. No card loss reporting function: After the card is lost, you can log out the card to prevent others from using it after picking it up.

2, identification card authorization: the designated card can only take the designated vehicle or the designated route of the car; can identify the cardholder information, cards, etc. on the platform through the card

3, on-board machine: a total of 5 lines, can be identified from the system platform, identification method

Which car is on the car (the license plate number) and which line

4, swipe memory function: can store the time of swiping, the vehicle and other information

5. The card is replaced by the user to re-register the information; after the same user replaces the new card, the old card is automatically invalidated, or the same user uses a unique card number, etc.

6, the size of the car phone, installation method

7. Time control: You can take the bus within the specified time, other time is not available; if it is not used within the specified time, the card will be invalid automatically (such as 3 months or 6 months, etc.)

8. Platform installation: If the computer is damaged, the platform can be reinstalled, and the original storage data can be automatically read. It is not necessary to re-register all user information to ensure the storage data security.

9. Does the platform need to be updated regularly, the system configuration requirements are installed, and the red flag operating system can be installed (refer to the domestic operating system, etc.)

10, the platform can have hierarchical management authority and set management password, divided into one, two, three, etc.

11, credit card settlement method: can be virtual currency, usage times, single vehicle, single line, single day or overall final settlement method

12, card registration method, according to the card number registration or other ways

13, the data is transmitted wirelessly, such as mobile 4G card transmission and reception

14. Other functions of the system are provided together for the user to choose


The times are changing, and any industry needs to keep pace with the times. The company has always been at the forefront of the smart terminal industry. If you want to stay in this position, you must have strong R&D and innovation capabilities. The current customer needs, the more The more personalized, that is, the current slowly moving towards a customized route.

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