Cardlan will reshape the new ecosystem of electronic fast-paying terminals

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Update time : 2019-11-15 10:15:00

On September 20th, the second international forum on human-in-one mode co-sponsored by Haier Group and Gary Hammer Management Lab (Mlab) was held at the main venue of the SCO Heads of State Council meeting (Qingdao International Conference Center) ).The theme of the forum is "Interstellar Ecology, Mutual Reciprocity", which brings together Harvard University's Chief Management Professor Rosa Beth Moss Kanter, Dynamic Competence Theory Founder David Tess, Strategy Master Gary Hammer, Quantum Management Learned the world's top scholars such as Dana Zuhar.Mr. Zhang Quan, Chairman of Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate and visited Haier Central Air Conditioning Interconnection Factory and Haier University.

This forum consists of the opening ceremony and keynote speech, the Haier “Three-Life” system model detonation case release, the People's Single Medal Awards Ceremony, the Summit Forum and the World Management Hall of Fame unveiling ceremony.Among them, Zhang Ruimin, Chairman and CEO of Haier Group, elaborated on Haier's exploration and practice of ecological circle, ecological income and ecological brand in the era of Internet of Things with the title of “First “Three Lifes” System, Leading the Internet of Things Paradigm”. .

After the meeting, Mr. Zhang Quan, Chairman of Cardlan, said that it is a great honor to be invited as a city smart electronic fast payment intelligent terminal and big data cloud platform solution brand, and praised the theme of this forum. In particular, the key features of the single-in-one mode are impressive: enterprise platformization, employee creation, and user personalization.Enterprise platformization, that is, the enterprise subverts from the traditional bureaucratic organization to create a win-win platform;Employees are creators, that is, employees are subversive from passively accepting executors to create value and dynamic partners who actively create value for users;User personalization, that is, the user is subverted from the purchaser to the participant of the best experience of the whole process, from the customer to the interactive user resource.It fully embodies the human-integrated and win-win model with user-centered and strategic innovation as the guide, pioneering the development of people-oriented management thinking, highlighting the main position of individuals and self-employed teams, and promoting the continuous dynamic upgrade of business operations. To achieve mutual benefit and win-win for enterprises, employees and customers.


At the same time, Mr. Zhang Quan said that the company will learn from Haier, the world's top scholars, and strive to build a self-employed, self-organizing and self-driven talent team, so that each employee becomes his own CEO.We will continue to move toward the goal of transforming and upgrading the platform-based big data operation model, integrating the existing resources of national cooperative users, realizing the sharing of resources among all parties and leading the rapid development of the industry.

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