Cardlan Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Gate

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Update time : 2021-11-16 09:48:00

Who is better in the barrier gate industry? In today’s market, it is hard to say who is strong and who is weak by appearance. Our machine can be seen in campuses, construction sites, office buildings, scenic spots, and stations.


Cardlan is a manufacturer that focuses on the production and development of face recognition and temperature measurement gates. It has played an important role in the fight against the pandemic this year. In many campuses of Shenzhen, Cardlan will have facial recognition infrared thermal imaging and temperature measurement channel gates. , Is a professional provider of intelligent terminal and cloud platform system solutions. The company’s core backbone has more than 20 years of industry experience. He participated in the R&D and construction of the first non-contact IC card project in China, and witnessed the development of the IC card industry Birth and growth. The company's core business integrates "hardware + software + Internet". The hardware products mainly include facial recognition and temperature measurement smart terminals, facial recognition bus card swiping machines, bus facial recognition and temperature measurement tolling machines, facial recognition temperature measurement channel gates, Smart campus system, hand-held POS machine, canteen toll collection machine and integrated machine, IC card bus toll collection machine, embedded card swiping machine, canteen toll collection machine, water control machine, etc., supporting corresponding application software is widely used in buses, subways, Taxi, campus, membership, catering, tourist attractions, parking lots, roadside parking, small chain charges, vegetable markets, attendance and access control and many other fields. With rich technology accumulation and years of practical experience, the company's products and technologies are among the forefront of the industry.

Scenarios or items that appear in the gates of the Cardlan face recognition temperature measurement channel, let’s share with you the recent monthly gate projects such as: Shenzhen Yantian Foreign Language Primary School infrared temperature measurement and face-brushing channel gate project, Shenzhen Tiandong Middle School infrared measurement Warm face recognition all-in-one machine project, Shenzhen Yantian Experimental School infrared temperature measurement and face brushing channel gate project, Yunhai School Smart Safe Campus project, etc.

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