Cardlan Bus Validator won the 2017 China Intelligent Terminal Innovative Products Award

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Update time : 2017-11-17 10:50:00

2017 China International Internet of Things Expo preparatory work carried out in full swing Under the strict apprehensive selection, Cardlan won the "China Intelligent Terminal Excellence Enterprise Award" and "China Intelligent Terminal Innovative Products Award" Two major awards, which created a large response in the field, marking Cardlan in the front of the industry of smart terminal solutions.

Cardlan is a company specialized in intelligent terminal and cloud platform system solutions, the main business is city card system research and development, production, sales and operation and maintenance services, mainly in intelligent transportation, Small consumption, membership management and other fields to provide customers with products and services, to achieve its authentication, information collection, data analysis, key management and other applications. Cardlan has not only been evaluated as "National hi-tech enterprise"  for three times constantly, but also as a double-soft enterprise. Cardlan also passed the standards of the Ministry of Communications within the industry, the PBOC PBOC 3.0 standard and is one of the first batch of companies that have passed the standards of the Ministry of Housing and Urban- Alliancecertification of explosion-proof, ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification, CE certification, waterproof and dustproof detection, FCC testing, ESD testing, EMV testing,Cardlan has patents and intellectual property rights over 100 items, with high-quality products and services. Cardlan also won many honors such as "China Top 500", "Top 100 Innovative SMEs in China" and "China Famous Brand".

2017 China International Internet of Things Expo will be held June 7-9 at the Beijing Exhibition Hall. The theme of the conference is to grasp the general trend of the times, drive innovation, cross-border integration, and smart things to create the future. The Expo has always been regarded as the industry benchmark and led the development of China's smart card, RFID and internet of things smart industry for more than 20 years. It is strongly supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and various relevant ministries and commissions in all fields and has great influence both at home and abroad.

Cardlan was invited to participate in the selection, which fully demonstrates that the relevant state departments and exhibition party attaches great importance to the innovation of the IoT, and  also give Cardlan encourage and affirmation on boldly trying. Cardlan innovative spirit caters to the theme of this year's IoT expo: grasps the general trend of the times, innovation-driven, cross-border integration, smart things and creating the future.

Cardlan project manager MELVIN said that won the China Smart Terminal Enterprise Excellence Award and the China Smart Terminal Innovation Product Award we must thank the relevant state departments for attaching great importance to and support for the Intelligent Internet of Things. We also thank the exhibition partyencouragement and affirmation, Cardlan have been regard proactive and continuous innovation as the spirit of the enterprise. Now Cardlan officially launched model CL-1306 bus validatoris the first validator in the world to complete QR code payment (support WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay). Cardlan bus validator won the 2017 China Smart Terminal Innovative Products Award is in our expectation, Cardlan will try to contribute its part in public transport  "cashless".


At lastMELVIN also said that Cardlan has a young, passionate, responsible, dreaming and execution team, with flexible management mechanisms, innovative services and advanced information technology support , Cardlan shares full confidence, always walking in the forefront of smart bus solutions, leading the industry's progress!

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