Cardlan and BaDi reached a strategic cooperation to jointly promote the construction of bus public transportation cloud platform

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Update time : 2020-11-04 10:08:00

Take advantage of the latest "Digital Traffic Development Planning Outline" and "Traffic Power Construction Outline" policy.October 21, 2019, China's well-known smart payment terminal manufacturer Cardlan (New Third Board listed company) and Badi Technology signed“Bus Cloud Platform Strategic Cooperation Agreement” at the headquarters of Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd., and a strategic partnership was announced.

Before the signing ceremony, Zhang Quan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cardlan, held talks with Chen Heqi, founder of BaDi Technology. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on business development and multi-faceted cooperation such as “public transportation digitalization and bus network networking”.


According to Zhang Quan, Chairman of the Board of Cardlan, the company is a large-scale intelligent hardware terminal company with a history of nearly 20 years and based on the development and production of smart payment terminals. It was listed on the New Third Board in 2017 (stock code: 872168). It is a well-known card intelligent traffic terminal operator in China. It has sold more than 100,000 intelligent payment terminals at home and abroad, and its market share ranks first in the country. The company has independent intellectual property rights and has passed the national high-tech enterprise certification, dual-soft certification, and the Ministry of Housing and Construction's interconnection and certification.

Chairman Zhang pointed out that China's digitalization of front-end consumption is leading the world. Today, mobile payment is unprecedented, and the basic services of intelligent hardware equipment manufacturers are always inseparable. As the Internet moves from the consumer side to the industrial end, from the front end to the back end, the industrial Internet based on public transportation is rapidly starting, and the mission of “changing public transportation with intelligent terminals” and the company’s mission have been practiced for more than ten years. The mission of science and technology "to change public transportation with science and technology" coincides, and since the day of its founding, cardlan is also to help the people to achieve safe, green, efficient and convenient public transport services, basically in line with BaDi Technology. This strategic cooperation, the tens of thousands of in-vehicle payment terminals of the company will cooperate with the bus cloud of the company, and the two sides will jointly develop the cloud platform for bus transportation. This is the hardware and resource advantage of cardlan, and the technology of the company. The "excellent combination of new and excellent, new and new alliance" of software and innovation advantages, we firmly believe that we can create a broader cooperation space and more promising development prospects for the two enterprises, and at the same time bring new changes and new contributions to the transportation Internet industry.


At the meeting, Chen Heqi, founder of BaDi Technology, said that although BaDi is a new technology company, the founding team of BaDi is a senior “old man” in the industry. He has 16 years of senior transportation industry qualifications, and technology partnership. People have 16 years of experience in R&D from Huawei. From the management post to the research post, the team has experienced the in-depth experience of major projects, and is a cutting-edge team that can afford to fight hard and be innovative. BaDi Technology is such a digital public transportation technology company that carries the mission of “taking the mission to life” and carrying the mission of “technology to change public transportation and build a leading public transportation MAAS platform”. In the future, BaDi  will be committed to building a bus industry chain network collaboration platform and digital intelligent service platform in the form of cloud computing, helping to rebuild and optimize traditional inefficient production methods, trading methods and The service model helps travellers to provide safe, green, efficient, convenient and diverse public travel services.

Chen Heqi pointed out that from May to July this year, the Central Committee of the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Communications successively issued three large-scale "Green Travel Action Plan (2019-2022)", "Digital Traffic Development Plan" and "Traffic Power Construction Outline". The specific policy documents indicate the direction of the Internet of the transportation industry in the next 30 years of “digital transportation” and “green public transportation”, which provides a broad stage opportunity for the development of Baxi Technology. In the 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, China completed 4.84 million kilometers of road construction (about 140,000 kilometers of rail transit, including subway). The public transportation of automobiles carries 82% of the total public transportation in China, and 111.8 billion passengers travel through cars every year. Aviation, railways, tracks, and taxis have basically completed relatively advanced digital operations, which greatly promoted the consumption upgrade of the people. At present, among all modes of transportation, only the degree of digitization of buses is relatively backward. For many years, the national policy required the public railway passenger transport, because the degree of digitization of bus traffic is low, can not keep up with the pace of "a railway one network", so the rail-rail transport is basically difficult to achieve. In the field of public transportation in China, rail transit and automobile traffic are the two main forces of traffic in China. Rail transit is trunk artery traffic, while car traffic is capillary traffic. The two are complementary and each have their own merits. The development of bus traffic must keep pace with the times. This must rely on the development of bus terminal network intelligent terminals and bus cloud platform technology. Under this trend, BaDi is a large choice for software operators and card associations. The cooperation of intelligent vehicle terminals has become inevitable. We firmly believe that the development of BaDi Technology in the digitalization of traffic can also bring new cooperation space for bus intelligent hardware manufacturers. Thanks to the strong support of the cardlan, thanks to the unique vision of the cardlan.

After the talks, all board members, founders and investors of both companies attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the signing ceremony.

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