Cardlan amusement park payment management system solution

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Cardlan amusement park payment management system solution

With the development of computer technology, the application of computer software and related hardware has penetrated into various fields. In recent years, the pace of construction of digital amusement park has gradually accelerated, and the application of electronic ticket sales and ticket management system has gradually popularized in various areas. In view of the specific characteristics and actual situation of tourist attractions, and referring to the advanced experience of foreign developed countries through careful planning, extensive research and in-depth practice, Cardlan provides a modern management system scheme for the management system of tourist attractions, tourist attractions card management system.


First, the advantages of solutions

Amusement park consumption card, according to the actual needs of amusement park and research and development of a set of advanced induction IC card payment management system, aimed at solving various management difficulties in parks, improve the management mode and convenient customer consumption.


1, let the tourists save more change process, because the consumption in the amusement park is usually in each different scenic facilities, so if you use cash, you must have the trouble of change.

2, create a fast environment including software facilities: card, ticket and other scenic card swiping machine to provide you with one-stop service.

3. Information transmission and real-time exchange can be realized based on the Internet of Things, wireless technology, positioning and monitoring technology, so as to smooth the travel process of tourists, improve the comfort and satisfaction of tourism, and bring better tourism security and tourism quality guarantee for tourists.

4. Promote the transformation of traditional tourism consumption mode to modern tourism consumption mode, and guide tourists to create new tourism habits and create new tourism culture.

5. Realize the transformation from traditional tourism management mode to modern management mode. Through information technology, the tourism activity information of tourists and the management information of tourism enterprises can be grasped timely and accurately, and the tourism industry supervision can be transformed from traditional passive processing and post-management to process management and real-time management.

6. Relying on information technology, take the initiative to obtain tourist information, form a tourist data accumulation and analysis system, comprehensively understand the changes in tourists' demands, opinions and suggestions, as well as related information of tourism enterprises, and realize scientific decision-making and management.

2. System functions and topology

1. Realize "One card in hand, travel all over the scenic spot", and build an advanced information card management platform in the field of scenic spots;

2. Card issuance management: Quickly issue cards and recharge management for consumers in scenic spots;

3. Recharge and refund: quickly recharge and refund customers' cards;

4. Quickly carry out card cancellation and refund operations for consumers after consumption;

5. Electronic currency consumption management: card tokens are used to realize consumers' consumption management with cards at entrances and exits in scenic spots;

6. When the consumer holds the card for consumption, it will prompt that the card has been swiped successfully;

7. Owner management: realize the management of the operating status and settlement of the owners of the entrances and exits of each scenic spot;

8, the realization of preferential management measures: according to the requirements of the scenic spot to achieve membership card discount management;

9. Realize the membership management of scenic spots: multiple levels of membership can be achieved according to the actual requirements;

10. Realize the ranking management of amusement sales of each facility in the scenic spot;

11. Report management: realize various report management;

12. Query management: realize real-time query management of business conditions by enterprise leaders;

13, the realization of operator rights management: the chief administrator can allocate the rights of each operator;

14. Realize the operator's on-duty settlement management.

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