Bus validators

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Bus validators is a device that allows passengers to tap the card or scan QR code to do the payment. It used IC card to charge fees in the past few years. In the past two years, with the increasing popularity of Internet payment methods, the bus swipe machine fully supports WeChat, Alipay, APP, scavenging and other payment methods. Plus personalized, more beautiful, user experience is better.


At present, in the market of bus payment solution, we must do the following:

1. the product function should keep pace with the times, keep pace with the times, and pay QR code, IC card and so on.

2. in the production of high temperature and cold resistant methods also need to make a rigorous test, to -40~85 degrees Celsius.

3. what is missing in this era is not the product of the bus card printing machine itself, but the personalization, the good user experience and so on.

4. the design should be simple and generous.

5. product system stability must be strong.


As a manufacturer of Urban Intelligent Public Transport Payment Solutions, Cardlan Technology is excellence in products. From 2006 to today, it has won by product innovation, by efficient and satisfactory services, and the cost budget of product development and innovation has been increasing. Over the past decade, it has won many awards for high-tech enterprises, as well as the top 500 quality enterprises in China, the top 100 science and technology innovative SMEs in China, and the famous brand in China.


On June 29 this year, Cardlan in Shenzhen launched a new product at the product launch conference - sweep code advertising bus card machine. This product supports WeChat, Alipay, APP, scrub and other payment methods, and adds an advertising screen. This provides a new revenue channel for the bus companies. The relevant leaders of the bus companies participating in the product launch show great interest in this product, and immediately placed an order with the company. Deep cooperation. Cardlan has always wanted to pursue a win-win relationship with customers, and has a profound understanding that only by creating value for customers and resolving pain points for society, can enterprises be valuable.


At present, Cardlan have already cooperated with more than 800 bus companies all over the country. The foreign market is also advancing rapidly. We have also cooperated deeply with many overseas bus companies. Some heads of state have personally experimented with Cardlan bus validators and given them high appraisals. At the same time, we are very happy to cooperate with overseas bus companies. We have a strong development team, fully from the actual situation of overseas customers, can fully cooperate with overseas customers for personalized customization, to meet customer needs. It has established a good reputation image for Cardlan technology.

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