Bus Validator Android:Qr code bus card payment machine with face recognition

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Recently, I suddenly had the opportunity to take a bus. I didn’t show off my wealth. I didn’t drive a Maybach to work every day. Instead, I took the subway to work every day. Just yesterday I had the opportunity to take a Shenzhen bus. Oh my God. What about the bus changes so fast, the bus attendants are gone, they are replaced with scan code bus card swiping machines and equipment or face recognition bus tolling machines, as long as you bring a mobile phone, you can scan the code to ride the bus, and the elderly can swipe their ID cards. Or brush your face and ride in the car, which is extremely convenient.

Qr code bus card payment machine can support scan code WeChat or Alipay, or cloud flash payment. Faced with the problem of elderly people who can’t use smartphones, they can just use ID cards. Elderly people in Shenzhen do not need to charge for bus rides. As long as you are over 60 years old through your ID card, you can ride for free. Or there are some lines that have already launched face recognition bus tolling machines. Just swipe your face to get on the bus, which is convenient and simple.

There is a manufacturer in Shenzhen that specializes in the production and development of scanning code bus card swiping machines and equipment, and face recognition bus tolling machines. It is Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in 2006 and has been committed to the development of bus tolling machines for many years. R&D and production is a well-known smart toll terminal brand in the industry. It has won hundreds of intellectual property rights and won the title of high-tech enterprise for many times. As a pioneer in the research and development of smart city card smart terminals, after years of professional accumulation, precipitation and persistence With unremitting efforts, we have always adhered to the development policy of taking technological innovation as the core and creating a brand with honest service. Products and technologies have won the trust and reputation of more than 6,000 customers in more than 30 countries at home and abroad, and successfully landed on the New Third Board in 2017.

Scanning code bus swiping machines and equipment, and face recognition bus tolling machines are the main products of Shenzhen Cardlan. Of course, in recent years, in order to participate in the anti-epidemic, it has also participated in the development and production of thermometer equipment. It has been approved by the Guangdong Science and Technology Department. Recognized as the AI infrared temperature measurement intelligent terminal engineering technology research center, it has successively launched temperature measurement equipment such as bus scan code brush face temperature measurement toll machine, portal thermometer, face thermometer, infrared thermal imaging thermometer, etc. The anti-epidemic work has done what it can.

We firmly believe that devices such as code-scanning bus card swiping machines and equipmentface-recognition bus toll collection machines, and bus-scanning code-swiping face temperature measurement toll collection devices will play a key role in the convenience of digital public transport construction in the future.

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