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bus validator android:In addition to the medical facilities, corporate departments, and mid-to-high-end residential communities mentioned, face recognition walk-through temperature measurment doors are commonly used. Industrial exhibition halls, municipal museums, aquariums, and other public Open free or chargeable places are using face recognition walk-through temperature measurement doors and human body monitoring thermal sensor temperature measurement security doors.

bus validator android:With the rapid development of cities, local governments continue to increase talent subsidy policies in various industries, and companies provide a large number of jobs for college graduates, which has led to the continuous influx of populations in other fourth- and fifth-tier cities and accelerated the development of various industries.In the past, these public places invested a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources for management. Compared with the previous weekends and holidays, the visitors number increasing everyday and the adoption of inefficient and complex management measures, now Cardlan independent researched and developmented factory mass-produced and direct-sale walk through face recognition and temperature measurment integrated machine is applied.Face recognition infrared temperature measurement door have saved high labor costs in all aspects, significantly improved the efficiency of operation and management, and brought a safe and convenient experience for tourists. In addition, to be used in important places of these specific levels, it pays great attention to the characteristics of automatic face recognition security door selection, and can meet the requirements of waterproof and explosion-proof standards. In this regard, Cardlan has obtained ISO9001:2008 quality system certification issued by relevant departments for the production of walk through face recognition and temperature measuring all-in-one products since establishment, and has passed waterproof and explosion-proof testing as well as more than 100 Chinese quality top 500 enterprises with more than 100 patents and intellectual property rights.

bus validator android:Therefore, real gold is not afraid of fire, only good products can withstand countless inspections and tests, and finally pass qualified products to customers to meet customer needs and continuously create valuable and practical face recognition temperature measurement doors. Cardlan always works hard to bring better products to more customers and friends.

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