bus ticketing machine manufacturers:Face-sweeping and QR code scanning machine

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We all know that many  enterprises have their own shuttle bus for employees. The management of the shuttle bus for employees is a very important task, but it is also a time-consuming and labor-intensive task, in order to solve the problem of company shuttle bus transportationCardlan spent years’ independent innovation to develop an employee shuttle bus swiping card scan code attendance machine (that is, the employee's commuting shuttle bus QR code scanning machine).

The general main functions of the employee shuttle bus time attendance machine is employee sign-in, recognition of whether it is an employee of the company, and the face temperature measurement function, which can ensure that only employees with normal body temperature can go to work in the company. The bus attendance system developed by the enterprise unit mainly has the functions of swiping card + scanning QR code + face recognition + swiping ID card + 4G network module + GPS positioning, etc. At the same time, it can also provide SDK or API for customers to carry out secondary development. It is flexible and very convenient.



The price of Cardlan QR code scanning system for the shuttle bus is very affordable. After all, Cardlan was established in 2006. As a high-tech company with 15 years of development history, Cardlan focuses on smart payment terminals is a well-known all-in-one card smart transportation intelligent terminal operators have a market share in the forefront of the country. The bus company alone has cooperated with more than 600, and the average annual cumulative number of passengers has exceeded 200 million. In addition, the smart payment terminals, handheld POS machines, smart access control and other hardware produced are used in enterprise buses, school access control, campus buses, highways, parking lots, canteens and restaurants, community access control and many other fields. Therefore, such a powerful company will have a great cost advantage in the supply chain alone, and the price will naturally have an advantage.

At the same time, Cardlan employee shuttle bus card swipingQR code scanning attendance machine is a profitable machine. If customers use Bangkehui to scan the code to get on the bus, they can get the advertising share. Soon the machine cost will be earned back. If you carefully calculate it, it will I found that the machine is free to send, and every month you can earn money from advertising. In the era of using Internet thinking to operate businesses, there will be free lunches.


        Welcome more customers and friends to order the employee shuttle bus card swiping code scanning attendance machine (that is, the employee's face swiping code scanning system for the staff shuttle bus). I believe you are all smart and make the right decision.

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