Bus Ticket Validator Brand

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Every city need bus ticket payment system, but according to the different characteristics of public transport bus fare collection, different types of bus validator will be needed, then how can the bus company choose the right bus ticket validator? Which brand is better?

Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd is Specialized in the production of bus ticket validator, cafeteria card payment machines, parking lot fare collection machine, and other IC card payment POS machines. It has been established for nearly 20 years. With the popularity of QR code payment, Cardlan follow the trend and independently developed and manufactured the new intelligent bus ticket validator which solved the inconvenience of having no change. The bus ticket validator which can support QR code payment not only saves the citizens’inconvenience of preparing and redeeming change, keeping and carrying traditional bus cards, and also improves travel efficiency, driver the low-carbon life and improve the quality of the green city.

If you are a bus company's management personnel or procurement personnel, need to purchase or understand the latest bus ticket validator support QR code scanning, you can contact us now, make an appointment with our customer service personnel, field visits to the bus ticket validator manufacture. There are many years of experience in the industry, technology, the staff will answer all kinds of questions for you. There are also partners who have grown up with you from the cooperation. They believe that a strong professional and technical atmosphere will help you to choose the brand of bus ticket validator faster.


Shenzhen Cardlan has deeply dedicated to the field of smart transportation for nearly two decades. Thanks to the accumulated talents of cardlan group, there are more than 6,000 companies of global bus operators. In the era when data is king, consumers' habits and psychology show rapid changes. The trend is that Cardlan accurately grasp the needs of users, with information technology as the main support, and with the joint promotion of cloud computing, big data, and mobile Internet, the original card payment system technology has been further improved. CardLan Smart Transportation Solutions has become a sample project of smart transportation in many cities. As an important part of the "Smart City", in the future,Cardlan will provide people with more intelligent and convenient transportation information services.

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