Bus swiping card and scanning QR code

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    The QR code scanning device is installed on the bus, and passengers don't need to worry payment for cash any more. They can get on bus by scanning QR code.How much is used for bus scanning code equipment is a concern of many middlemen and bus companies. Shenzhen Cardlan stock company market personnel believe that if you want to know how much the bus scanning code equipment cost,you first have to have a general understanding of the bus scanning code equipment.


    The bus scanning code equipment and bus fare collection system is the current advanced bus payment management system. It uses the cutting-edge technology of radio frequency identification and is designed in combination with modern scanning code payment management methods. It has the advantages of contactless, no loss, advanced technology, good system expansion, and no need for maintenance investment. It is the best choice for public transportation company to improve management level and realize electronic control. It is widely used in urban public transportation, charging of enterprise using vehicle , school bus charging, and community vehicle charging ,etc.


Consumers only need to hold an authorized IC card, inductive card reading, or mobile payment code to complete the payment process of consumption; and the system completes information processing on the basis of strong soft environment and perfect hardware in the background. To unified go on doing IC card issuance, authorization, recharge, etc., and can query, count, clear, report, print various types of consumer information and other related business information.


To realize the purpose of real-time management and control, resource conservation, and scientific management, and then to achieve enterprise management effects of improving work efficiency, optimizing service quality, accelerating capital withdrawal, stabilizing internal environment, consolidating employee relations, and improving external influence.

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