Bus scan code card machine power requirements

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Update time : 2019-11-15 14:59:00

With the popularity of scan code payment, now the bus is equipped with an automatic scan code card swipe machine, which also liberates the former manual ticket seller or IC card swipe, the bus should correctly install the bus scan code card machine, the first is very necessary Understand the power requirements of the bus card reader.

The power frequency of the bus is high, and the starting is frequent. When the bus is running normally, the generator is working at full load, and the instantaneous output voltage and current are large. To ensure that the bus on-board scanning code card machine maintains normal working status, it puts high requirements on the power supply of the bus car code scanning card machine:

1. Do not use a separate power supply, must be integrated in the vehicle-mounted machine, support wide voltage input (DC 8-50V), can meet the power supply requirements of gasoline and diesel vehicles and trams;

2. Strong anti-interference ability and strong shielding measures;

3. Regardless of the positive or negative function, whether it is connected or reversed, it can be used normally, and will not affect the normal switching machine of the card reader. (Most of the bus companies do not understand the circuit on the bus, so the connection without the positive and negative poles can guarantee Installation efficiency, and can prevent the situation of burning equipment due to the reverse connection of the positive and negative electrodes);

The two-dimensional code payment is widely used in the payment industry. The entire payment scenario is changing the consumption habits. The QR code payment has changed dramatically in the public transportation industry. The payment of the QR code causes the user to take a mobile phone to go out and consume. In the field of urban transportation, QR code payment makes the citizens feel convenient and efficient. Mobile payment by public transport is very convenient for foreign tourists and local citizens.

According to the Interconnected Smart Bus Travel proposed by the Ministry of Communications, Shenzhen Cardlan has launched a bus travel code payment solution, which enables passengers to enjoy a convenient and fast mobile payment ride experience by installing an embedded QR code scanner.

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