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Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2006, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and service of contactless ic card card series products. It is also the earliest enterprise in China to develop contactless ic card card all in one payment system.Since 1994, Cardlan team has started research on the contactless IC card system, witnessing the birth and growth of the Chinese IC card payment system.

Today, the high-speed development of Cardlan, with rich precipitation, issued a strong momentum, won various awards. The company has passed the national high-tech enterprise certification, double software enterprise certification, national production license certification, ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification, explosion-proof certification, CE certification, UnionPay PBOC3.0 certification, Ministry of Communications standard certification, the product was awarded more than 80 pieces of intellectual property certificates, and also won the China Quality 500, 2016 China Science and Technology Innovation SMEs 100 and many other honors.


  Over the years, the Cardlan team has always adhered to the attitude of extremely serious customer needs. From the first customer, we have implemented the business philosophy of “Professional Founding Brand, Integrity and Service for the Masses” to every aspect of the work, using iso9001:2008 International. Standardized quality management system operation, in the process of meeting customer needs and solving technical problems, winning market recognition and customer trust.

Based on rich theoretical knowledge and practical application experience of more than ten years, Cardlan Technology brings together the wisdom of the industry to provide users with the most professional industry solutions. Now the cooperative enterprises have exceeded 5,000 and more than 600 bus customers. The clients have cooperated: Tencent, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank, Construction Bank, Postal Savings, Sinopec, CNOOC, TCL, Beijing Benz, Lijiang, Pu'er, Rushan, Tongliao, Yan'an and many other well-known enterprises and bus companies. Urban bus in Baghdad, Iraq, Yangon city bus in Myanmar, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan, Philippines and other international markets.


The cardlan products adopt the upgrade mode of “launching one generation, reserve one generation”, and the products have reached more than ten kinds. The company’s latest fifth-generation handheld POS machine that can take photos, scan one-dimensional two-dimensional code and bus credit card machine with WeChat payment Such smart terminal products have entered the leading position in the industry. It is the first industrial-grade intelligent terminal machine in the industry to introduce the modular structure of Linux system. It is resistant to severe cold and heat, stable performance, powerful, supporting UnionPay card and mobile phone NFC card. , WeChat, Alipay and other payment methods, has been widely used in public transport, light rail, taxi, license plate recognition parking lot, gas station, membership, business super, farmer's market, food and beverage consumption, scenic spots, recreational project charges, etc. field.

The excitement of the IC card system industry comes from the extremely rigorous scientific research attitude of the Cardlan team, smart life, interconnection and innovation, and the innovation comes from the heart of life. We look forward to the high-tech technology of Cardin Technology to bring people a better life.


Based on Shenzhen and facing the world, Cardlan is committed to the development of China's fare collection system industry. With the goal of catching up with the international advanced level, it is committed to becoming a world-class toll system enterprise group. “Specialty for the future”, Cardlan will work together with partners and end users to achieve a better future!

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