Bus fare collection machine equipment performance

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What is the use of the bus fare collection machine, as the name suggests, is the fare collection terminal on the bus. It is a smart charging terminal for the bus industry. The specific analysis of the bus toll system consists of intelligent IC card (passenger card), toll collection machine, handheld POS handset; bus toll collection center management system and various recharge points of the city. The upgraded 433 technology application enables wireless communication to be implemented at a lower cost. The USB manual data acquisition function makes the bus application more flexible, and the extended 4G communication enables the system to meet the real-time management needs of the bus in all aspects.


Bus fare collection machine features:

The qr code scanning payment based on LINUX system is a bright spot; completely independent development, hardware and software with completely independent intellectual property rights, and self-owned brand bus charging management system can be widely used in financial transactions, small commercial consumption, medical treatment. Health, police management, public transportation (including public transportation, subway, public bicycles, parking lots, etc.), water supply and power supply, gourmet food and beverage, commercial supermarkets, housekeeping services, cinemas, hotels, clubs and other fields.

Software features:

Manage the flow record of the entire system and the bus card device and passenger card opening information. These include the issuance, cancellation, and recycling of cards that flow to the system; setting card types (such as old-age cards, student cards, and discount cards), and setting up bus lines.

Its main modules are:

System management: It mainly realizes the management of users and the setting of system parameters, including card issuance management, in-vehicle information, and card quota setting.

Account Management: Implement management operations for card issuance information.

Recharge management: to achieve cash recharge for cards and other operations. The recharge summary can be summarized by the increase and decrease of the date, and the recharge detailed report is obtained.

Vehicle-mounted water management: mainly for the collection and download of the flow data in the vehicle-mounted machine, and the specific flow report is obtained. Including on-board flow schedules and flow summary tables.

Function setting: set the type of vehicle-mounted machine consumption, different types of cards (student card, teacher

The discount rate of the card, etc., the interval between the same card swiping on the same car phone.

Fleet management: Line and bus properties can be set.

Report Center: Enables the search, export and printing of all kinds of required reports. Including vehicle flow report, passenger flow statistics report, flow summary report, etc.

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