bus facial recognition temperature measurement equipment

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Update time : 2022-11-11 10:14:06

People across the country are putting all their energy into resuming production, and the smart terminal charging industry is no exception. Shuttle,Enterprise bus face recognition temperature measurement equipment are products that the current urban smart intelligent terminal manufacturers are fully committed to research and development. The original bus company Or enterprises use the attendance swipe card scanning system, which never has the function of measuring body temperature. Judging from the current global anti-epidemic situation, it is difficult to realize that the pandemic disease of new coronary pneumonia will completely disappear on the earth in a short time. The national system is different, and the difficulty of management is also different. Therefore, the only thing that can be done as a brand of urban smart fare collection terminal manufacturers is to invest in the research and development of more advanced, more convenient, and lower cost buses, enterprise buses, and bus facial recognition temperature measurement equipment. 

The bus fare collection card scanning and scanning system is the hottest smart terminal product in the past two years. For example, the original UnionPay scanning and scanning bus toll system fully supports payment methods such as WeChat, Alipay, cloud flash payment, bank card, and Cardlan APP. According to the current situation, the body temperature measurement function is added to follow the trend and advance with the times.

At the same time, UnionPay is supported by a perfect user big data cloud platform, which automatically generates analytical reports, improves operating efficiency, and reduces operating costs, providing a powerful reference for operating companies to capture future trends.

The headquarters of UnionPay is located in the window city of reform and opening up. The company has not only been recognized as a "national high-tech enterprise" for three consecutive times, but also a double-soft enterprise. It has also passed the standards of the Ministry of Communications, the UnionPay PBOC3.0 standard and the first batch of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. One of the standard companies, not only that, the company has also passed the explosion-proof certification, ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification, CE certification, waterproof and dustproof testing, FCC testing, ESD testing, EMV testing, etc. The company has successively obtained more than 100 patents and intellectual property rights In terms of high-quality products and services, the company has also won many awards such as "China's Top 500 Quality", "China's Top 100 SMEs in Science and Technology Innovation", and "China's Famous Brand", and successfully landed on the New Third Board in September 2017.

As a shuttle bus, enterprise bus, bus face recognition temperature measurement equipment direct sales manufacturer, UnionPay, has been taking the industry to focus on strategy, technological innovation, cultivation of internal strength, open cooperation, legal operation, driven by market demand and technological innovation, accelerated The industry of shuttle bus, enterprise bus and bus face recognition temperature measuring machine is developing rapidly.

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