Bus Face Recognition Thermometer, Human Thermal Imaging Temperature Measuring and Screening System

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Update time : 2020-11-01 10:09:00

What is a face recognition thermometer for public transportation? It is a device that is installed on the bus during the epidemic and automatically conducts temperature measurement and screening for passengers. That is to say, the bus code scanner is equipped with a human body thermal imaging temperature measurement and screening system to form a complete bus face recognition fee + temperature measurement The screening function effectively implements the anti-epidemic requirements of "external defense input, internal anti-rebound".

The current international epidemic situation is still more serious. As a brand of the city's smart bus electronic express terminal industry, UnionPay is based on the full anti-epidemic starting point, and incorporates the temperature measurement and screening function that is conducive to epidemic prevention and control in the original products. Efforts have been made to invest heavily in innovative research and development in the temperature measurement and prevention equipment urgently needed in the fields of campus, enterprise, subway, etc., to help resume work and resume production. Although our industry has been affected to a certain extent, all our cardholders are not afraid of hardships and overcome difficulties. We strive to expand new businesses, seize new opportunities, find new growth points, ensure the normal operation of the company, and ensure the stable employment of employees. Help Cardlan continue to move towards the goal of transformation and upgrading of big data cloud platforms.


UnionPay Bus Face Recognition Thermometer is the bus body thermal imaging temperature measurement and screening system. UnionPay added thermal imaging temperature measurement function on the basis of the original face recognition toll machine, and turned into a small anti-epidemic assistant The face recognition thermometer has a simple and elegant appearance and powerful functions, which can not only charge the face and scan the code, but also measure the body temperature.

At the same time, a powerful big data cloud platform is behind the card reader of the Shenzhen Cardlan Bus Scanning and Brushing Thermometer. The data generated by the terminal of the bus toll thermometer is sent back to the cloud to automatically generate data analysis reports. The body temperature will automatically send an alarm, which greatly reduces the labor operation cost and improves the operation efficiency.


Established in 2000, UnionPay is a large-scale intelligent hardware terminal company with a 20-year history based on the development and production of smart payment terminals. It was listed on the New Third Board in 2017 (stock code is 872168), which is a well-known card smart in China Transportation intelligent terminal operators have sold more than 100,000 intelligent payment terminals for domestic and foreign markets, ranking first in the country in terms of market share. The company has independent intellectual property rights, and has passed the national high-tech enterprise certification, dual-soft certification, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Interconnection certification, etc.

We firmly believe that the card-union team will focus on the implementation of the "technological innovation + market demand" dual-drive strategy, grasp the business development direction, and operate in compliance with it.

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