Bus code scan system Bus validator system

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My dear friends, do you know? Recently, I accidentally found a big secret. From 3.15 onwards, in China, Baidu, 360, SOGOU and other major domestic search engines have been unable to do the bidding promotion with the keyword "Bus POS machine". Our smart bus industry has become a “scapegoat”. What we do is that the bus POS machine that is quite different from the cash POS card machine , not the cash-out products, but they are implicated, so recently we found on the Internet about the public "car scanning code system, bus card system, bus The search volume of keywords such as car scanners and smart card swiping systems has increased rapidly, and the purification of the network at the national level has played a significant role.


Currently searching for the keyword products such as "bus scanning system", "bus card system", "bus scanner", and directly searching for "bus card machine" or "scan code bus card machine" The difference is that the former pays more attention to the whole system of products, including bus toll collectors, bus monitoring, and bus big data analysis cloud platform. In fact, as the city smart bus e-pay smart terminal brand for nearly 20 years, the product is fully satisfying customers. Demand, just every customer will have different search methods, or a variety of ways to find products, but as a bus credit card industry brand, there is no shortage of customers, the lack of a complete set of stable product system.



The reason why the company can grow up in Shenzhen, which is full of innovation, to stand out from the crowd and go global, can mainly adhere to the following main factors:


I. Strategic Focus: The company will focus on smart travel industry and smart terminals to create value for customers. In the face of uncertainty, the company's shares continue to be strategically invested, not to consume strategic competitiveness in non-strategic opportunities, and to form a strategic lead in the dominant area.



II,Continuous innovation: Cardlan group will continue to drive development with customer demand and technological innovation two-wheel drive, continue to increase R & D investment, multi-path, multi-step, multi-scenario, especially strengthen basic research and cutting-edge technology investment.

III. Compliance operation: The company will respond to the uncertainty of international politics with the certainty of legal compliance and strictly abide by all applicable laws and regulations of the country where the business is located.


Fourth, Open cooperation: adhere to the cooperation with the entire industry chain ecological partners for win-win, benefit sharing.


5.Improve internal strength: focus on improving the quality of operation, activate the organization, make it full of vitality, organize and employees must work hard and focus on the work; steady management, and mobilize the frontline employees in the direction of “simplify the process and streamline the organization” The enthusiasm and make it a reasonable return.

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