Bus card consumption reports with qr machine

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Update time : 2020-11-11 13:40:00

Shenzhen Cardlan Technology independently developed the bus credit card machine, opened the background to quickly complete the report, can manage the daily data, open the background system to automatically collect various information, generate the reports required by the management personnel, and view the daily data at any time.


The bus modern payment qr code card machine establishes a bridge for the passengers and the bus company. The passengers use the credit card/scan code as the payment method to solve the problems of cash charge, manual bookkeeping, fixed consumption scene and single payment method.


Shenzhen Cardlan shares scan code card charging system, support after-sales personnel 24 hours uninterrupted service, escort each transaction paid by passengers; can discount the terminal fare at any time; can be from day, month, quarter, year Multiple time latitudes get the passenger's transaction details, and then analyze the passenger's consumption habits, which can more accurately and reasonably arrange the trains.


The main functions of the bus scan code card ride report statistics are: record each transaction detail in real time to ensure the safe landing of each transaction; offline platform can export the transaction details of each terminal by day, month, quarter and year; For people of different identities, enjoy certain discount functions, such as student cards and old-age cards; you can discount the fares at any time by operating the offline platform; preferential rules.

Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in bus Prepaid card machine for nearly 20 years, the quality of bus card machine is guaranteed, and the after-sales is strong. It is a professional provider of bus prepaid card machine, intelligent terminal manufacturer and cloud platform system solution.

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