Bus automatic card swipe machine

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Update time : 2020-06-10 10:18:00

The bus card fare collection machine is fully automatic. The industry terminology is called the smart toll terminal for buses. At present, the bus card payment machine can basically support WeChat scanning, payment scanning, APP scanning, face recognition and other charging methods. Bus face recognition, The code scanning all-in-one terminal is also very popular in the market.

Cities such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou have basically become pioneers of intelligent innovation. Every kind of innovation and technology has basically been born in such a city. Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd is a company focusing on smart terminals for bus fares. A city full of innovative souls can stand out. It definitely does not rely on luck, but on keen insight and advanced innovation capabilities. Therefore, along the way, we have witnessed the birth of IC card charging terminals and the process of scanning code payment. He is also a participant and contributed a very important force to the development of smart travel in Shenzhen, but also to the development of smart travel across the country.

Shenzhen CardlanTechnology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated: Cardlan shares, stock code: 872168) was established in 2006. It is a provider of intelligent terminal and cloud platform system solutions. The company's core backbone has more than 20 years of industry experience. He has participated in the R & D and construction of the first contactless IC card project in China, and has witnessed the birth and growth of the IC card card industry.

The company has not only been recognized as a "National High-tech Enterprise" for three consecutive times, but also is a double-soft enterprise, and one of the first companies to pass the standards of the Ministry of Communications, UnionPay PBOC 3.0 and the Ministry of Housing and Construction. Passed the explosion-proof certification, ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification, CE certification, waterproof and dust-proof testing, FCC testing, ESD testing, EMV testing, etc., the company has obtained more than 100 patents and intellectual property rights. With high-quality products and service companies also Won several awards such as "China's Top 500 Quality", "China's Top 100 Small and Medium-sized Sci-tech Innovation Enterprises", "China's Famous Brands", etc., and successfully landed on the New Third Board in September 2017.

The Cardlan team has developed so well. We firmly believe that this team will focus on strategy, continuous innovation, open cooperation, legal operation, embrace change, and take customer needs and technological innovation as the dual-driven development direction. We will always make customers have unexpected surprises. I firmly believe that China's bus credit card machine is fully automatic, face recognition, and code scanning machine terminal will also have more surprises to contribute to the community.

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