Amusement Park and Playground Ticketing

With the development of computer technology, our country has gradually accelerated the pace of digital scenic spot construction, and the application of electronic ticket sales management system has been popularized everywhere. Card technology for tourism scenic spots of the specific characteristics and the actual situation, and referring to the advanced experience of developed countries after careful planning, extensive research, in-depth practical, for the scenic spot management system designed to provide a modern management system of tourism scenic spot card management system. The system can be extended to manage the water park, card fees and amusement park charging system. It is mainly used in the operation and management of large water amusement parks and amusement parks.

Scenic spot is the consumer card, according to the actual needs of the area and developed a set of advanced induction IC card consumption management system, to solve the difficulties of management of scenic spots, enhance the scenic management mode, convenient customer consumption.

  • Let visitors save more change process, because in the area of consumption is often consumed in each of the different scenic facilities, so if the cash must have the change of the trouble.
  • Create a quick environment, including software facilities supporting: cards, tickets and other scenic card machine to provide you with one-stop service.
  • Based on networking, wireless technology, positioning and monitoring technology, to realize the information transmission and real-time exchange, let tourism tourists travel more smoothly, improve comfort and satisfaction, bring tourism security and tourism quality and better protection for tourists.
  • Promote the traditional mode of tourism consumption to the modern mode of tourism consumption, and guide tourists to produce new tourism habits, create new tourism culture.
  • Realize the change of traditional tourism management mode to modern management mode. Through information technology, can timely and accurately grasp the tourist activity information and tourism business information, tourism industry supervision from the traditional passive treatment, after the management process management and real-time management.
  • Relying on information technology initiative to obtain tourist information, tourist form data accumulation and analysis system, a comprehensive understanding of the needs of tourists, the change of relevant information and opinions and suggestions of tourism enterprises, achieve scientific decision-making and scientific management.