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Bus Automatic Fare Collection equipment, all-in-one bus charging machine

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Update time : 2021/7/22 14:15:37

Many people think that there is not much demand in the current bus fare collection machine market. In fact, from some details recently, there has been a demand for bus fare collection equipment, just you did not find anyone in need. Baidu or other search engines still have many people searching for the following keywords: automatic bus fare collection equipment, bus toll collection machine, bus card reader manufacturers, bus payment machines, etc.

According to the function of bus automatic fare collection equipment, there are mainly Bus IC card fare collection machines, Bus QR code fare collection devices, Bus facial recognition fare collection machines, Bus face recognition fare collection terminals, and face temperature measurement card reader, etc. The working temperature is- Between 40°C and 75°C, positioning method: GPS or Beidou, communication interface: USB-HOST, USB-OTG, HDMI, RS485 and TTL-232, only device which can perform under such strict test can meet the charging requirements of more bus companies.

The Bus automatic fare collection device (payment machine on bus) can be used not only on buses, but also on enterprise shuttle buses, campus buses, scenic shuttle buses, passenger shuttle buses, etc., for public institutions and schools, stations and other scenes bring great convenience.


CARLION has been developing smart terminals for bus fare collection for more than 20 years, and has accumulated valuable experience and technical precipitation. At the same time, Cardlan always focuse on R&D technological innovation, the annual R&D expenditure accounts for 15%. It continuously analyzes customer needs, continuously improves products, and continues to enhance service experience, submit operation efficiency for bus companies, reduce operating costs, and improve passenger experience.

At the same time, Cardlan has been awarded the title of high-tech enterprise for many times, successively won the honorary titles of "China's Top 500 Quality", "China's Top 100 Technological Innovation Small and Medium-sized Enterprises", "China Famous Brand", "AAA Credit Enterprise", etc. During the years of product research and development, hundreds of intellectual property rights have been obtained. In 2021, it was recognized by the Guangdong Science and Technology Department as the AI infrared temperature measurement intelligent terminal engineering technology research center, and it successfully landed on the New Third Board in 2017.

We firmly believe that Cardlan has been focusing on talent reserves, technological innovation, customer demand analysis, and insight into market trends, and it will certainly be able to build more practical automatic collection equipment for buses ( payment machines on buses).

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