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Code Scanning and Recognition Machine for Enterprise Bus (Swipe IC Card + Scan QR Code)

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Update time : 2021/7/27 9:51:02

Enterprise shuttle bus For small-scale enterprises, there will basically be shuttle buses, mainly for employees. However, the management of employee rides is a major task of an enterprise. In order to solve this problem, Cardlan launched the enterprise shuttle bus scan code. Recognition machine (ie, corporate shuttle card swiping and code scanning machine).

The main functions of the corporate shuttle code scanner (ie corporate shuttle card reader) are: employees can identify whether they are employees of the company by scanning codes or swiping cards, and have corresponding records, and upload relevant data to the company's cloud management background , Automatically generate analysis reports for management personnel to view.

Code Scanning and Recognition Machine for Enterprise Bus (Swipe IC Card + Scan QR Code)

The corporate shuttle code scanner (ie corporate shuttle card reader) now has the function of facial recognition. Of course, the price and cost have increased. If the budget does not allow it, it is recommended to use the scanner with the code scanner function. It also fully meets current needs.

Cardlan Co., Ltd. corporate shuttle code scanning and identification machine (ie, corporate shuttle card scanning code scanning machine) is currently in use by many well-known companies. It is very stable, and its appearance is very in line with the aesthetics of young people. If you take a closer look, you will It was discovered that the QR code scanning and recognition machine installed on the Baidu corporate shuttle bus. After secondary development, it supports Baidu HI scanning code and the data is transmitted to Baidu's internal system. Therefore, the corporate shuttle bus that needs personalized customization is also welcome.

Cardlan has been in the field of bus toll collection for nearly 20 years. It has been committed to the innovative R&D and production of bus tolling machines. It has cooperated with more than 600 bus companies and has established a good brand image in the market, and has accumulated in technological innovation and research and development. With a wealth of experience and strong financial strength, it has obtained hundreds of intellectual property rights and successfully landed on the New Third Board in 2017.
Cardlan, which pays attention to technological innovation and customer needs, firmly believes that it will be able to launch a more creative and better user experience corporate shuttle code scanner (ie, corporate shuttle card swipe code scanner).
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