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Android Smart Bus Ticket Validator,China Public bus card validator

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Update time : 2021/7/21 14:34:09

What is the bus toll market? Many people say that through the replacement and upgrade of the charging equipment from card swiping to scanning code from 2017 to 2019, the bus toll market basically depends on one segment. Is this really the case? Why the editor's analysis of search engines shows that the bus fare market is not as legendary, the market still has a great demand for bus fare equipment, such as: bus card swiping machines, there are credit card machines on the front and back of the bus, and QR code on-board The search index of key words such as credit card machine and bus segment toll machine is still very high. What does it mean?

Why is the bus card swiping machine installed on the front and rear doors of the bus? That is a way to solve segmented charging, that is, charging according to distance, especially in rural areas. It is not possible to collect the same money from Village A to Village B and Village A to Village D. Obviously, Village A needs to go to Village D. Passing through Village B, although it is a common phenomenon in the city, it is still unreasonable in the special situation in the village.

As a result, Cardlan has launched a credit card machine device at the front and rear of the bus, that is, the bus segment toll device. In order to solve the special nostalgia problem in the above villages, it is necessary to install one at the front and the back of the bus. You can swipe either one of the two cars, and the deduction will be completed. Otherwise, the fee will be deducted for the whole journey. The village bus toll machine has to solve a problem of the signal, so this device can be swiped offline to scan the code, that is, there is no signal. You can also swipe the IC card or scan the QR code in the case of.

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